The Favells



Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some answers to our most asked questions. 

We’re a 4 piece band, based in the South West of England. We’ve a couple of multi instrumentalists amongst us so use drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and of course, we all sing!

We always advise allowing for 1 hour but more often than not, assuming that the performance area is clear, we have everything up and ready to go in 45 minutes.

It’s a great question and although it doesn’t happen very often, of course we all become unwell sometimes. In such an instance, we’ll use our vast network of musician friends to find a ‘dep’ to make sure that your booking is not affected and we can still deliver a great show. In some instances where our efforts are to no avail, we’d also liaise with our management partners to find an alternative band if there’s no way at all we can replace a member. The main thing is that we’d never, under any circumstances, leave you without a brilliant party band to dance the night away to.

Whilst we’ll always welcome a steer as to which of the songs from our repertoire you’re fond of, the set list is always something that we pick on the night of the performance using our wealth of experience and in order to make sure that the dance floor is as full as possible at all times.

Absolutely! All of our bookings are accompanied with a legally binding contract so that both us and you know what’s expected of each other and there’s no misunderstandings. This means that your balance is protected and safe as well offering you complete security.

Sadly, our diaries don’t allow for us to meet all of our clients before their performances. We do arrange a telephone call the week before to say ‘hello’ though and from the moment you enquire until the day of the performance, you’ll have access to our dedicated management team who are always at the end of an email or available to schedule a call in order to answer any questions you’ve got about your booking with us.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to learn requests. The exception to this is your first dance….subject to certain criteria.
If the song you’ve chosen for your first dance is suitable for our instrumentation lineup, vocal range and timbre, we’re happy to give it a go. There is a small charge for this to cover the additional expenses incurred when learning a new song and we’ll only agree to it on the agreement that if we don’t think it’s any good, you’re happy to go with the original. We’d much sooner do that than murder a song in such a special moment for you.

Not at all. If we’re able to join in with the evening buffet then that’d be amazing but there’s no contractual requirement to provide food. The exception to this is if we’re performing in the daytime as well as the evening. In this case, we’d request a ‘supplier meal’ for each of the musicians that’s performing in the day time.

We do indeed. We carry our own PA and LED lighting for the stage area so this isn’t something that you need to worry about. All you need to make sure is that you enjoy yourselves!

When we’re not on stage, we certainly look after the music so it’s not something that you need to worry about. We don’t supply a separate DJ but we do look after the disco playlist and can take requests, do dedications and announcements etc…

Our live performance in an evening lasts 2 hour and you can break this down however you want to. For example, 2x 1hr sets, 3x 40min set…..although what we’d recommend is a 45 minute first set and then a 1hr 15min second set. As standard our arrival time on site is 1830hrs and we’re with you until 0030hrs so in total we’re on site for 6 hours. You can extend our on site time at either end but you’d need to agree this in advance with our management team.